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Cumbria MK2-DC stairlift.

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Cumbria MK2-DC stairlift.

If the unit will not start check the following items befor calling engineers assistance. A small LED indicators light fitted under the armrest glows Green when the stairlift is ready to operate. If the light glows red check the following: 1- Key switch on the armrest may be switched off. The key cannot be removed when the switch is on the on position. 2- Check the swivel seat is locked in the operating position. The lift will not operate from the carriage or call/send controls if the seat is swivelled or not locked securely in position with the lever released. 3- Check that the up and down safety surface located at upstairs and downstairs sides of the main unit have not been accidentally operated and has stuck in this position. 4- Check that the footrest safety surface has not been accidentally operated and has stuck in this position. 
If the LED indicator light fitted under the armrest is not illuminated at all (Red or Green) check that the Battery Disconnect switch has not tripped or been switched off. If the lift will operate but for 20 seconds or so each time it is started check the following:  1- Check that the mains supply is switched on at socket at the top of the stairs and the mains adaptor unit is plugged in. 2- Check that the power to the stair lift is on at the main household fuse-box.  If the main power has been off for sometime and the battery has become exhausted the battery will take several hours to recharge once the mains supply is switched back on before the lift can be used.. Remember: there is a 4 second delay when when you press the button before the stairlift will start. The key switched must be on and the swivel seat locked in position before the lift will work.
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